All persons applying for a Delaware Asbestos related license (Class “A”, Class “B” & Project Monitor) must provide a valid Government Issued Photo ID. This ID must be kept up to date by the individual whose name is shown on the ID.

Class “A” Contractor, Class “B” Contractor & Professional Service Firm applications are to be submitted on an annual basis for review and approval by the State of Delaware Asbestos Office.

The DFM Asbestos Program was asked to develop a pilot program that would provide an opportunity once a month for a local service appointment in New Castle County. This would be for annual refreshers for Asbestos Worker, Supervisor and Project Monitor badge renewal service in Delaware. Please call the asbestos section at 302-739-5644 if you are interested in this service and would like details.

Licensing Contact

Any questions pertaining to your State of Delaware Asbestos Supervisor/Worker/Project Monitor Certification badges should be directed to:

State of Delaware-Asbestos Office
540 S. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
P: (302) 739-5644
F: (302) 739-3037
Email: Tanya Reed