Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are used throughout the State of Delaware to store various petroleum based products and by-products, for many purposes - by a variety of industries and agencies. Products stored include but may not be limited to: heating oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, waste oil (or used oil), hydraulic oil (commonly used with vehicle lifts), and propane. These products provide many useful purposes. The most noticeable of which can be that of heating a home or business, providing fuel for vehicles at service stations, state police troops, inspection lanes and maintenance shops, schools, transportation bus yards, agricultural use, airports (private, public, national guard) and marinas.

USTs are both federally (EPA) and state regulated and are required to be properly installed by a certified and licensed contractor. Guidelines and regulations governing underground storage tanks, sizes and products which are regulated are listed on the Air & Waste Management's website.

The Underground Storage Tank section is a part of the Environmental Section of the Division of Facilities Management. The UST section of the Division of Facilities Management was developed in the early 1990s as it became necessary to have all USTs come into compliance per EPA and State regulations. The EPA placed a timeframe as to when motor fuel (e.g. gasoline, diesel, jet fuel) USTs were required to come into compliance with DNREC following the EPA's guidelines for compliance procedures as they pertained to heating oil underground storage tanks. By December 1998, all underground storage tanks were required to come into compliance per state and federal mandates or face penalties.

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