Professional Services

Carvel Building Lobby windows

The Division of Facilities Management (DFM) is the lead agency responsible for the planning, design and management of most State of Delaware public works construction projects. With the exception of construction projects administered by the Department of Transportation, Department of Education and higher education, the Division plays the lead role in public works construction projects from conception to completion.

DFM construction projects range in value from a few thousand dollars all the way to several million. The projects involve all types of construction from roof replacements and HVAC improvements to complete building renovations and new building construction.

To facilitate our administration of public works construction projects, public notices are advertised to obtain both professional and construction management services. Solicitations for professional services by state agencies for projects not managed by DFM need to be submitted for DFM approval. In addition, all final contracts for professional services require DFM approval.

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Ed Robles
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