Project Design Review Process: DFM-Managed Projects

All projects managed by DFM will follow a phased design process. The design will be reviewed at meetings scheduled by DFM for these phases listed below:

The number of review meetings will vary based upon project size and complexity. The Project Manager (PM) and Project Engineer (PE) will determine the number of meetings at the project kickoff meeting. In cases where there isn't agreement between the parties, the Chief of Engineering will decide the number of review meetings.

At each level (PS, SD, DD & Final) of the review process the A/E must submit a complete Project Design Submittal Package on the DFM Project Design Document Submittal Requirements Checklist to the DFM Project Manager one week minimum prior to scheduling of the Project Review Meeting.

  • The Chief of Engineering will assign a DFM Project Engineer to the project.

  • The submittal review package will be received by the DFM Project Manager (PM), logged in by Admin staff and provided to the Project Engineer one week before the meeting.

  • The meeting shall be scheduled by the DFM Project Manager (PM) two weeks ahead of time with all key parties (PM, PE, A/E) in MS Outlook with an allotted time of 1 (minimum) to 3 hours (maximum- depending upon project size) for the review, discussion, and approval or approval requirements.

  • The DFM Project Engineer shall facilitate the meeting with the A/E responsible for presenting his Project Design Submittal Package, answering any questions, discussing corrective measures (where required), and documenting the meeting discussions, comments, and agreements for package approval.

  • The DFM Project Engineer assigned may approve or disapprove the submittal package at the meeting with required comments stipulated for approval prior to the conclusion of the meeting.

  • If the meeting produces agreed upon revisions, changes will be made by the professional firm within one week and submitted to the DFM Project Engineer.

  • If the review is positive and continuation is agreed upon, the A/E will provide meeting minutes with comments within three days.

  • A formal Submittal Document Review Summary will be provided to the DFM Project Manager by the DFM Project Engineer one week following the DD Project Review Meeting. The DFM Project Manager will forward the Review Summary by e-mail to the A/E.

  • On the final submission, the DFM Project Engineer will forward a formal Submittal Document Review Summary to the Chief of Engineering and Operations. A letter from the Chief of Engineering and Operations will supplement the DFM Reviewer's Final Review Summary as part of the approval process and will be forwarded to the A/E with a copy to both the DFM PM and PE.