Delaware Asbestos Application Online Web Portal Instructions

The Delaware Asbestos Application Web Portal is where you submit any application to work on an Asbestos Project in the State of Delaware.

  1. Select whether you are submitting as a company or an individual license. If you are unsure what company or type of individuals license, please refer to our Delaware Asbestos Application definitions page.

    If you still have questions, email your question to our Delaware Asbestos Application Mailbox.

  2. Once you make your selection from the pulldown, complete the basic contact information. Submit when all required fields are complete. You will be given a reference number, record the number for checking on the application status.

  3. Click on the print button and your information will be added to an application that requires further information. This can be type in or print and hand fill in the questions. Don’t forget to sign the application. Print form and add the supplemental required documents. Once all information is complied, scan the documents, and submit them to our Delaware Asbestos Application, Mailbox.

  4. You will need to mail the non-refundable application fee to Asbestos Licensing

    State of Delaware
    Haslet Armory
    122 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
    Dover, DE 19901

    Credit Card Payments Accepted Online

  5. If you recorded your application reference number, you can check on the application status online.

Licensing Contact

Lisa Smith
(302) 739-5644

Asbestos Office Email:
This is a general mailbox for questions or for submitting documentation for your applications. Please use Egress (secure-email) when submitting private information. You can send a general request to us if you do not already use Egress and we will send you a link to get started and register. You should only need to register once.

If you are unable to use the Delaware Asbestos Application Web Portal, you may complete your application by completing a paper application.