Q. As a State agency, how do I obtain leased space?
A. An Agency must complete a Request to Lease New Space form. Once the Agency Head has signed the form, it must be submitted to the Real Property Administrator.

Q. How long will this process take?
A. The process to secure new leased space may take several months.

Q. Should I, as a State agency, call area realtors to begin looking for office space?
A. No. Agency personnel should not contact realtors, private landlords, or developers; and vice versa.

Q. Who negotiates the terms and cost of the lease?
A. The Office of Management and Budget will negotiate lease terms with the prospective landlord. Also the department will prepare the lease agreement outlining all final terms and conditions and secure all required signatures.

Q. Who coordinates the move of our office?
A. The individual tenant agency is responsible for making all arrangements for moving and installation of furniture, equipment, telephones, and computers. The Office of Management and Budget will provide assistance, if requested, but will not be responsible for associated costs.

Q. What is the procedure for paying our monthly rent payments?
A. A purchase order should be set up for the amount of rent for the entire fiscal year (ending June 30) with the agency's accounting department, prior to first month of occupancy. The Lessors are not expected to invoice for monthly rent due. Therefore, your accounting department should automatically mail the rent payment prior to the first of every month.

Q. I have property that I am interested in leasing/selling to the State of Delaware. What process do I follow?
A. Mail all information regarding the property/office building to our office and it will be reviewed for possible lease/purchase for the State's needs.