Energy Procurement


The State's energy supply contracts for electric and natural gas are procured and managed by DFM. By aggregating its energy load with other public entities, the State is able to aggressively procure energy supply on the open market at attractive rates. Energy supply is purchased in accordance with 75 Del. Laws, c. 243 and Section 23 of the 2022 Operating Budget.

The State utilizes professional consulting services to assist with energy supply purchasing. These services are procured in accordance with 29 Del. C. §§ยง 6981 and 6982 and Delaware Administrative Code, Title 26, 3001, Rules for Certification and Regulation of Electric Suppliers . Details regarding the current contract can be found on under Energy Procurement Consulting Services.

Electricity Supply

Delaware's electric supply contract contains over 80 organizations statewide and approximately 1,800 individual electric accounts serviced by Delmarva Power. The contract includes renewable power, obtained through the purchase of regional and national renewable energy certificates (RECs). The current contract includes a purchase of 50 percent green power, nearly 153 million kWh annually, which is equivalent to the annual electricity use of more than 13,000 average U.S. homes!

Details about the current contract can be found on the under Statewide Contract for Competitive Supply of Electricity.

Natural Gas Supply

Delaware has two natural gas supply contracts, one for accounts serviced by Delmarva Power, and the other for accounts serviced by Chesapeake Utilities. Details for the current contracts can be found on the under Statewide Contract for Competitive Supply of Natural Gas.