DFM manages the procurement process of the State's energy supply contracts for electricity and natural gas. By aggregating its energy load with other public entities, Delaware is able to aggressively procure energy on the open market at attractive supply rates. The State's energy consultant assists the State in the aggregation and procurement process. The energy consultant is contracted through a competitive selection process, and the current contract is with Affinity Energy Management.

Electricity Supply

Delaware's current electricity supply contract is with Talen Energy, a Pennsylvania based company, and encompasses all State of Delaware accounts served by Delmarva Power. The contract contains the largest aggregation to date with 76 organizations statewide and a total of nearly 1,800 separate electricity accounts. The 3 year contract is locked in at a flat fixed rate of $0.05946/kwhr through July 2019.

Delaware's electricity supply contracts include renewable power, obtained through the purchase of regional and national renewable energy certificates (RECs) for wind, biomass and solar. The current contract with Talen Energy includes a 40 percent green power purchase, of which 37 percent is national RECs, 2 percent is Delaware RECs, and 1% is Delaware SRECs. The use of clean, renewable energy is a pillar of Governor Markell's Executive Order 18, and Delaware has steadily increased the amount of green power used at state facilities.

EPA's Green Power Partnership

DFM leads Delaware's participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership, a voluntary program encouraging organizations to use green power in an effort to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. Delaware is in its 4th year participating in the EPA's Green Power Partnership. Delaware has enjoyed consecutive quarterly recognition in the Green Power Partnership's National Top 100. In July 2016, Delaware was recognized to be among the Nation's leading green power users. Read the State's press release for more details.