Frequently Asked Questions

The Division of Facilities Management (DFM) does not maintain a bidder's list. Unless specifically required through the pre-qualification process, all contractors are eligible to place bids on all DFM managed projects.

The DFM requires prequalifies General Contractors and certain subcontractors on an annual basis. However, not all projects require prequalification as a prerequisite to submitting a bid. Generally, the more challenging, higher cost projects which require a certain level of expertise to manage effectively are the ones where prequalification would be necessary. For more information, please see Prequalification for applications and regulations.

That all depends on the estimated value of the project. For all public works projects whose value is estimated at $150,000 or more, a Public Notice is posted on the State's Bid Solicitation Directory. Projects whose estimated value is between $50,000 and $149,999 do not require a Public Notice. In this case, DFM will solicit competitive written proposals from between three and five contractors. These contractors are usually chosen based on past performance and experience on projects of similar magnitude. Projects whose value is estimated at less than $50,000 do not require competitive proposals. A contractor is requested to submit a proposal for a specific scope of work and if the cost is reasonable, the proposal is accepted.

The DFM places all Public Notices on the State's Bid Solicitation Directory. Please note that other State agencies (school districts, Department of Transportation, etc.) also post their Public Notices on this site, but may publish in local newspapers as well.

The State is not in the business of requiring or enforcing Building Codes. This is done at the County, or local level. In most cases, the most recent BOCA codes are the ones that are used. Please check with County or local officials in the area where the project is taking place.

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