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The Division of Facilities Management (DFM) is the lead agency responsible for planning and managing the energy-related tasks for all Executive managed buildings. These tasks include energy conservation and efficiency, clean and renewable energy procurement, and green building design, construction, and operations. One of the division's primary drivers is Executive Order Eighteen. See Executive Order Eighteen Press Release for more information about the tasks and timelines for achievement. Image - Holding the Green Earth in Your Hands

DFM also has a conservation and efficiency role in the State of Delaware's participation in the President's 2011 Better Buildings Challenge, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Energy. The challenge requires a 20% portfolio-wide energy reduction by 2020, but the State of Delaware exceeds this through Executive Order Eighteen.

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DFM, in coordination with the Division of Energy & Climate, has implemented energy efficiency improvements at 15 state-owned facilities using the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG). DFM has also initiated energy performance contracts at 27 state-owned facilities using Delaware's Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU). See EO 18 Progress Report 2012 for more information about energy conservation and efficiency strategies statewide.

DFM oversees new construction for state-owned facilities, ensuring that LEED Silver design principles are implemented for resource efficiency and environmental sensitivity. To-date, DFM has one certification underway at the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington and is working alongside DNREC in its certification of the Richardson & Robbins Building in Dover. DFM also works closely with energy providers to maintain competitive rates, secure cost-saving green power agreements, and resolve billing questions among state agencies. In 2012, and again in 2013, the agency accepted the EPA's Green Power Partnership, committing at least 20% energy to clean renewable sources.

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